The Rebuild Your Life Project - Los Angeles

MySavvySisters.Com presents the 2012 Women's Empowerment Outreach: The Rebuild Your Life Project- Los Angeles. This project aims to teach women how to press the reset button on their lives by moving to a new city.

In May 2012, Te-Erika Patterson, the publisher of MySavvySisters.Com, allowed the readers of MySavvySisters.Com to vote on the city she would move to as she offers a step by step video guide on how to relocate to a new city.

The readers chose Los Angeles, California, a city Te-Erika has never even visited. Te-Erika will be moving to Los Angeles in late June 2012 while documenting her journey and teaching the strategies women need to navigate a life transition on her youtube channel.

To view the video guide, which is being posted on youtube throughout the journey you can visit this link.

Te-Erika's goal is to empower women to rebuild their lives and to raise money to offer a $4,000 grant to a woman int the city of Los Angeles to help her to rebuild her life.

All media inquiries or questions may be directed to editorial[at]mysavvysisters[dot]com.

Inside The Rebuild Your Life Project

In January, I contributed four blog posts for The Huffington Post detailing the obstacles I faced behind the scenes while organizing the initiatives set forth during The Rebuild Your Life Project.

The Rebuild Your Life Project Call To Action

Through The Rebuild Your Life Project, which is presented by its parent company, My Savvy Sisters, Inc. a 501 (c) 3 not for profit organization, we are making a call to action to America's big businesses to support the communities that support them. By offering hiring events throughout the nation thereby creating job opportunities, you will emerge as a living testament to our ability to impact change in an economic climate that boasts one of the highest unemployment rates in our nation's history.

January 20, 2012

Dear Big Businesses,

During these economic times where mass demonstrations against the financial elite have surfaced, many would like to believe that big businesses do not care about the well being of the consumers who have invested in their success. By partnering with The Rebuild Your Life Project to organize a hiring day, your business will contribute to the restoration of faith in our country and its ability to impact change from within.

We recognize that you are the leaders and the decision makers and we honor your hard work and commitment to your business and the prosperity of this country. We ask that you take the time to allow us to re invest in your success by opening your doors to hire individuals in need of a financial revolution.

We ask that you partner with The Rebuild Your Life Project by pledging to allow us to organize a mass hiring day for your company wherein you agree to hold open interviews in an effort to hire ONE PERSON per store or institution that you own.

Hiring ONE PERSON will make a difference if every business stands together in solidarity. Offering to meet and choose from those who have supported your businesses through faithful consumerism over the years will demonstrate your ability to recognize the hand that fuels your prosperity.

We need you to acknowledge those who need a hand up and are not looking for a hand out. Help us help ourselves by giving us a chance to enhance your business with our skills.

Partner with The Rebuild Your Life Project today by sending an email to Autumn Tolliver[at]MySavvySisters[dot]Com to request an official welcome statement and join the multitude of astute businessmen and women who recognize that their current state of prosperity began with a solid opportunity.

We look forward to changing the nation with your help.

All my best wishes,

Te-Erika Patterson
My Savvy Sisters, Inc.

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